About IRPM

Mission Statement 

IRPM’s mission is to set the professional standards in the management of residential property in the UK, provide professionals with independent accreditation and to be the trusted source of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications, in the residential property sector. IRPM is an authoritative and trusted voice with Government and stakeholders as an unbiased speaker of truth to power.

Our Vision & Values:

We set professional standards, enhance sector professionalism, support the industry, challenge - where and when needed and deliver accredited qualifications to the UK residential property management profession.

With our vision, we will carry the following values: 

We deliver accredited qualifications, courses and learning events, to guarantee the highest standards of residential property management are achieved.

We strive for excellence in all our pursuits. We are committed to excellence in our qualifications, teaching and outreach to the sector.

We deliver the theoretical and practical education of residential property management.

We are committed to providing our members and the profession the utmost reliability to assist, support and deliver.

We are committed to the highest standards of honesty, diversity, inclusion, respect, and professional ethics

IRPM Key Objectives

Setting and raising standards across the residential property management sector

To be the trusted source of expertise, knowledge, and qualifications

Providing individuals with an independent professional accreditation

Provide knowledge, leadership, and proficiency in the property management sector

History of IRPM

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