IRPM 4 Elements

In 2018, IRPM looked afresh at the future of the property and asset management profession and listened to customers, practitioners and government. The sector had already seen the need for culture change towards a safer and kinder future and industry leaders were implementing change for better. IRPM captured this momentum in the 4 Elements, redefining professionalism in the property management sector.

The property management sector serves a wide diversity of customers to competently provide technical and safety-related services in an ethical and trustworthy manner. The expectations of professionals have similarly broadened to embrace this new culture and in turn we at IRPM have evolved the syllabus and learning from our professional qualification framework to encompass these changes, culminating in the development of the 4 Elements. 


Technical competence

The bedrock of any profession. A comprehensive understanding of the legal and technical aspects of property and asset management is expected by clients, customers and employers.

Customer and consumer

Truly understanding our customers and meeting their needs and expectations is the future of any sustainable profession..


The safety and wellbeing of our customers, our colleagues and ourselves is paramount and a ‘safety first’ culture must be part of our daily practice.

Ethics and behaviour

Every stakeholder has the right to expect their professional to behave ethically, openly, honestly and inclusively, to create trust and the best outcomes for all