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Property managers frequently face challenges during their interactions with clients and residents that sometimes feel overwhelming. If we don’t take positive steps to protect our mental health and wellbeing these stresses can become unbearable and impact not only our professional, but personal lives too. 

Recognising the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in our industry, we have developed a Mental Health and Wellbeing Series to open up the conversation on this important topic. As we continue this series we will post videos aiming to discuss the issue of Mental Health in the workplace, help members notice when their own mental health may be under strain and equip you with tools and tips on how to manage challenging situations. 

As our series continues, you will find all of our episodes below, in order to watch each episode, please click on the 'grey' box to expand the section, where you will find the video. We have also placed links to resources and pages for further information, guidance and support for our members.

We encourage our members to begin conversations, the IRPM LinkedIn Member-only forum is a safe space for our members to discuss on the topics that emerge from this series and to share personal insights and experiences.  

If you have any questions regarding our Mental Health and Wellbeing series please email,

Useful Resources

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The Working Minds campaign brings together a range of tools and support to help businesses and workers understand the best ways to prevent work related stress and encourage good mental health.

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18 March 2021