MIRPM & FIRPM - Direct Access to Barristers

We are very pleased to announce that MIRPM and FIRPM members of IRPM are eligible to gain direct licensed access to Barristers.  Certain professionals are granted direct access to the Bar where they can instruct barristers directly themselves – Tanfield Chambers have agreed to allow MIRPM and FIRPM professionals to be added to the list of licensed individuals that can directly access the Bar – no waiting around for solicitors, a cost saving to you and because an additional tier does not exist, it is a more streamlined process. 

This benefit marks you out as a member of the management profession – it is not just a job being a ‘property manager it’s a profession and this is a signifier of one of those marks of being professional.

If you are a MIRPM or FIRPM member, take advantage of this recognition of professionalism.

For our AIRPM members, check out the exam tab on our quals page for the next exams to get you to MIRPM  status – if you would like more information on enhancing your professionalism and sitting our Member level exam, please email info@irpm.org.uk

N.B: IRPM members may instruct any barrister authorised to accept work on licenced access terms. This will include most barristers in the recognised property chambers – not just Tanfield. The Property Bar Association website is https://www.propertybar.org.uk/

If you are a member of IRPM and want to  find out more directly from Mark Loveday at Tanfield Chambers, please click here. You will need to login to view this content.