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4 February 2022

The ARMA and IRPM Wellbeing and Resilience survey is now open. Findings from this survey will form the basis of the annual ARMA and IRPM Industry Wellbeing Survey Report 2022. The survey will close on Monday 7th March 2022.


Building A Complete Picture

To better understand the individuals that make up the property management workforce, we’ll be asking for additional information in this year’s survey, including regional locations, years of experience and current ways of working. By gathering more detail, we can better understand which professionals are in need of the most support.

As with our 2021 Wellbeing report, we will also be distributing an updated unreasonable behaviour policy for firms to use.


Who Can Take the Survey?

We are requesting this survey be completed by any residential property management professional in the UK working as a:


  • Property Manager/Property Assistant/Estate co-ordinator etc.
  • Onsite support professional (e.g., concierge)
  • Back-Office support professional (e.g., maintenance and finance)


The findings and results will be released in a report that will be distributed to members and made publicly available. We believe the survey results will help the sector develop effective initiatives which can support property management professionals at an individual and organisational level.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Access the Wellbeing & Resilience Survey

IRPM Mental Health and Wellbeing


Recognising the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in our industry, we have developed a Mental Health and Wellbeing Series to open up the conversation on this important topic.

We have also placed links to resources and pages for further information, guidance and support for our members.

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