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ARMA & IRPM Call for Evidence / EWS1 Update

26 May 2021



ARMA and IRPM are heavily engaged with MHCLG and MP’s on the Building Safety Fund. To do so effectively we really need data, otherwise all we are stating is opinion. And the only people who can give us the data we need is you.

Please click here to download the spreadsheet which we need to you fill out on a site by site basis. It is important and it is urgent. We know you are busy, but we really need this back by Friday 11th December. We need data across all your sites – whether they qualified for the ACM fund, this years Building Safety fund or simply don’t qualify because of height. We need to understand the scale of the problem across the whole housing stock.

To help you understand what we are asking for and why, a summary is below:

  • Your name – so we know who to contact if we aren’t clear about something you have sent us
  • Your firm – as this is going out to individuals as well as firms, we will need to de-duplicate
  • Postcode – we will need to talk to MPs to gain their support. The first few digits tell us who that is and how big the problem is in their constituency. If you don’t want to give this, please give us the name of the local MP.
  • Block name – when talking to an MP it helps to make it a real example. This is optional if you are uncomfortable naming the site
  • Building owner – this helps when discussing the “owners should pay” argument. We don’t know how many of those are the leaseholders themselves
  • Number of flats – so we can work out the impact per flat rather than per block as the government is starting to talk about leaseholder affordability
  • Expected cost of remediation – this is how much the external wall system will cost to replace that is/isn’t expected to be funded by Government
  • Expected Unfunded cost of remediation apart from the external wall are there other things that leaseholders are going to have to pay for? Compartmentation? Fire breaks? Again, it helps us understand the affordability
  • Expected Unfunded cost of mitigation- alarms, sprinklers etc
  • Expected start date – do you have a contractor booked to start work? We want to understand the industry capacity to sort out cladding – is it a year or ten years?
  • Cost of waking watch – this is the total per month. Again, an affordability issue
  • Above/Below 18m. Currently, only flats above 18m qualify for the Building Safety Fund. We need to estimate how big the problem is below that height. Even if you don’t have cost data, please fill in a line for each block below 18m where you suspect there will be external wall remediation needed
  • Stage of Approval – this helps us understand how much of the fund has been allocated and how fast approvals are being made
  • Will you make the December deadline – you need to get to the tender stage by end Dec 2020. Is this possible?
  • Funds received to date – how much Government funding have you already received – this should be a part of the number you gave under the expected cost of remediation.
  • ACM or BSF fund – this will help us understand how well the original fund for ACM is doing and compare it to the BSF fund. If the block doesn’t qualify for either fund e.g. due to height, please indicate “neither”
  • Current reserve fund – again this will help us to understand affordability. In addition, we are concerned about reserve funds being depleted so future works (lifts, roofs etc) will be an issue
  • What has been spent so far – how much has remediation and associated works cost to date?
  • What happens if no external funding is available – if the block doesn’t get help from ACM, BSF funds or landlords developers what will happen in your opinion. Can it struggle on indefinitely with waking watches? Will it need evacuating? Would the leaseholders be able to pay if they really had to? This helps us understand the impact on the housing stock of limited funding
  • EWS1 form completed – has an EWS been undertaken?
  • EWS1 outcome – what was the result? B1 or B2?

Please submit all responses via email to If any of the above are unclear please email  Many thanks for your time and help on this vital topic.

This data survey is being issued jointly by ARMA and IRPM.  ARMA members are requested to respond to ARMA and there is no need to send a duplicate to IRPM.

Click here to download the call for evidence spreadsheet.

EWS1 Form Update

We previously sent out a "route to EWS1" on 12th November 2020. Please find below an updated version, highlighting who should sign off the EWS1 form and what qualifications they require. We are aware that a new version of the EWS1 is under review and will update you as soon as it becomes available, but in the meantime please only refer to the document, here.


Paths to obtaining an EWS1
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