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IRPM Chat: Building Safety Bill - Overview of Draft Construction Products Regulations

In order to better understand the draft construction products regulations and why as property management professionals you need to be aware of these - we have recorded an IRPM Chat with DLUHC.

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25 February 2022 - IRPM Chats

MIRPM & FIRPM - Direct Access to Barristers

We are very pleased to announce that MIRPM and FIRPM members of IRPM are eligible to gain direct licensed access to Barristers.

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19 October 2021 - IRPM Chats

IRPM Chat: How Victoria successfully tackled its building safety crisis

The building safety crisis is global and other countries have done things differently. We have recorded an IRPM Chat with Ted Baillieu to find out how Victoria successfully tackled theirs.

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3 September 2021 - IRPM Chats

IRPM Chat: Dr Jonathan Evans – Fire Safety & More

Hear the answers from Dr Jonathan Evans of those pressing questions that could not be answered at the IRPM Annual Seminar.

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29 June 2021 - IRPM Chats

IRPM Chats: A Pioneers Perspective on the Future Of Build to Rent

As former head of operations with pioneering BTR provider Essential Living, Ian Merrick gives a fascinating insight into the BTR sector.

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5 October 2020 - IRPM Chats

Will our Covid-ravaged, pre-Brexit economy keep service charges and rents flowing?

With coronavirus back for winter and Brexit looming, there are plenty of reasons to be worried including the physical and mental health of our people and the education of future generations.

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28 September 2020 - IRPM Chats

Draft Safety Bill - Government urgently seeks IRPM member feedback

The draft Building Safety Bill has been released and Jonathon Bramhall, MHCLGs’ lead civil servant on the resident engagement strategy is back with IRPM to say what happens next and when.

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10 August 2020 - IRPM Chats

It's not just you - the unspoken reality of property management

Hear how Benjamin manages the daily challenges within property management and listen to his top tips on coping, managing and communicating in times of pressure.

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13 July 2020 - IRPM Chats

Imminent Building Safety Bill - new resident engagement & responsibilities

With the imminent release of the Building Safety Bill, it was only right that we have an IRPM Chat with Jonathan Bramhall, leader of the Residents’ Voice, Legislation and Strategy Team at MHCLG.

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8 July 2020 - IRPM Chats