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Consumer experience counts - how data is transforming the customer’s property journey

4 August 2020

IRPM White Paper-  Consume experience counts: how data is transforming the customer's journey


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Like all UK industries, property is impacted by COVID-19 and the effect of the gradual lifting of lockdown on the way it works. But despite this ‘new normal’, we cannot ignore our sector’s other key issues. For property managers, the pandemic has elevated customer service to prime position and technology is now key to the ways in which our customers’ property journey can be enabled and enhanced.  

In response, today the Institute of Residential Property Management (IRPM) publishes the fourth part of its 2020 Tech Insight programme. Consumer experience counts: how data is transforming the customer’s property journey is a white paper focusing on the ways in which technology can support the transition of property management from a mainly technical operation to a far more customer-facing business, while at the same time empowering residents and promoting their wellbeing. 

The IRPM brought together a group of leading industry experts to discuss the way in which digital solutions can be used to communicate with and provide more carefully tailored services to customers. Property managers must rapidly become more consumer-focused and building management services must be moved up the value chain via carefully considered use of technology. If this isn’t clearly demonstrated to the customer, there is an increased risk that roles will be replaced by AI. 

The white paper captures this conversation, highlighting the challenges now being faced and sets out the next steps for the property management profession.

Launching the White Paper today, Andrew Bulmer, CEO of IRPM said: “These discussions and white papers are intended to kick-start the conversation on how technology is already impacting residential building management services and how the sector will capture the best possible outcomes from future changes coming towards us. Customers are now benchmarking their customer service expectations against Amazon, Google and Netflix. These businesses are built around the customer experience and property management services will follow suit.  

Each white paper in our Tech series addresses, in turn, the IRPM’s 4 Elements of property management professionalism – this being our fourth, with a focus on customer and consumer. 

The 4 Elements of property professionalism:

1. Technical competence

2. Safety

3. Customer and consumer

4. Ethics and behaviours


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Click here to download the full white paper

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