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Grenfell - 6th Anniversary

14 June 2023

Today we remember the 72 lives lost to the Grenfell Tower tragedy six years ago. We also reflect on the impact the disaster has had on their families, the local community and residents in high-rise buildings across the country.

The Building Safety Act, shaped by the Grenfell Inquiry, and the role of the new Building Safety Regulator has created a robust regulatory framework, and we remain committed to supporting and guiding industry and individual competence and responsibility, to ensure this tragedy will never happen again.

Significant progress has been made in terms of protecting residents in unsafe buildings through the remediation programme and government funding, but more must be done and it must be done quickly.

Leaseholders and residents should feel confident that the property management sector is working tirelessly with residents and the wider industry to support and enable the remediation of unsafe buildings, comply with the new rules to mitigate and mange risks, and ensure resident safety is front of mind now and in the future.

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