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Industry Wellbeing Survey Report 2021

24 May 2021

Residential leasehold management has never been an easy profession, but recently it has proved to be tougher than ever. With the cladding and building safety crisis and proposed leasehold reform (each representing huge challenges in their own right) landing during a global pandemic, the resilience of property management professionals is being tested to the limit.

ARMA and IRPM teamed up to provide a ‘mental health check’ of residential property management professionals by conducting a sector wide survey to help understand and identify the key pressure points affecting professionals. We are therefore pleased to release the findings of our most recent survey which is captured in the ‘ARMA and IRPM Industry Wellbeing Survey Report 2021’.

The survey has helped identify actions that can be implemented, it has also highlighted the need for some larger measures that need to be reviewed on a greater scale within the industry. ARMA and IRPM will jointly be working on deliverables that have derived from the survey.

We are keen to open the discussion online, please share your thoughts on LinkedIn by using the hashtag #irpmarmamh.


One such action that has been highlighted in the survey is the need to create an ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’.

Both ARMA and IRPM see the abuse of staff as unacceptable. Together, we have created an ‘Unreasonable Behaviour Policy’ as we believe that no worker in the sector should have to tolerate abuse. The policy outlines suggested unreasonable forms of behaviour that managing agents should be aware of. It also provides several strategies which may be adopted in order to protect staff from unreasonable behaviour.

Managing agents who wish to support the policy are encouraged to circulate the document with staff, display a version on their website and include a link to the policy within email signatures.

Please note, this is a framework which managing agents can tailor to their organisations in order to safeguard their staff appropriately.




Recognising the importance of good mental health and wellbeing in our industry, we have developed a Mental Health and Wellbeing Series to open up the conversation on this important topic.

IRPM Mental Health and Wellbeing Series
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