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Newsflash: Update Building Safety Fund Guidance

27 May 2021

MHCLG has released updated guidance for the Building Safety Fund.

The updated guidance relates to the BSF deadlines. MHCLG outline that meeting their deadlines may not be possible in all circumstances, for instance where applicants find that they do not have sufficient time to complete a robust and satisfactory procurement process to meet the June deadline. In these cases, if more time is needed to be able to complete the required steps, then this will be permitted on a case-by-case basis, providing applicants continue to provide delivery partners with realistic but ambitious project delivery timetables and continue to keep delivery partners fully informed about any changes to those timetables.

Over the coming days, IRPM will be analysing the changes in the guidance and we will send out further information highlighting both the changes and how this may impact your applications.

Read the updated guidance here. 

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