Affiliate registration online

Please contact the office first if you are:
  • Rejoining - previously a member of any level wishing to rejoin, or
  • Upgrading - existing Affiliate or Associate wishing to upgrade

Email or telephone 020 3319 7575 for further guidance.

Complete the form below to register online as a new IRPM Affiliate.

From January 2019 the non-refundable application fee of £75 plus the Affiliate annual subscription of £82 through to March 2020 totals £157.00. You can pay this amount in the next window following Registration or if appropriate, the Payment Request can be forwarded to your company's accounts department. 

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I understand that as an AFFILIATE I shall not be entitled to use any IRPM designation in any way until awarded Associate, Member or Fellow level of IRPM membership and that once awarded, shall only be entitled to use the designation whilst a current member of the Institute. 

I confirm that I have not previously been excluded nor refused entry to any professional association.

Please note: Your membership ceases if current year subscription fees are unpaid and a re-joining fee or re-examination may be applicable if membership lapses without an arrangement (e.g. sabbatical) in place.

IRPM Membership Terms & Conditions (click to view)

Some communications are a mandatory aspect of membership such as News, CPD events, Technical Updates and membership correspondence. The communications below are optional. You can change your preferences at any time in the future whilst logged in to your Member Profile on the IRPM website.

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Your username and password will enable you to login in to the Members Area of the IRPM website. Please make a note and keep them safe.

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We require both Home and Work contact details to be able to contact you whether you move employer or home. Please remember to update your contact details in the event of either, through the 'Edit profile' tab in the Members Area of the website.

We do not share your contact information with carefully selected third parties unless you have authorised us to do so.




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*APPRENTICES* / *SHARE* - if you have joined the Housing & Property Management Apprenticeship or SHARE (Scotland) scheme - please insert 'APPRENTICE' or 'SHARE' here in the field titled "No. of years experience".

























Apprentices and SHARE Students - please do not pay in the next window. Your organisation will liaise with the IRPM on fees payable.

The next window allows you to 'Pay Now' as an individual member.

If your company has an employee account with the IRPM please copy/print and forward the Payment Request to your line manager or accounts department.

Please note: membership is not activated until the joining and subscription fee is paid.

On clicking the blue 'REGISTER' button you will be sent an email confirming the next steps.