Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship

IRPM Apprenticeship

The Level 3 Apprenticeship in Housing and Property Management is now well underway, with bookings being taken for the second and third cohorts starting from September 2017.

Learning is based on the Government-approved Standards and Assessment Plans for the apprenticeship in Housing and Property Management (http://bit.ly/2vFm6PG). 

Key points:

  • 18-month course to L3 – eligible for direct entry to AIRPM (Associate level membership)
  • No exams. Structured learning with ongoing assessment and project.
  • 13 days off-site tutoring (cohorts 2&3 London based; regional classroom sessions in the pipeline)
  • Large employers paying the Apprenticeship Levy (wages bill >£3m) receive 100% rebate on cost of apprenticeship (to limit of levy paid, thereafter 90% contribution, see below)
  • Smaller employers that do not pay the levy (wages bill <£3m) receive 90% contribution to cost of apprenticeship.  E.g. for this £9,000 apprenticeship, the employer would pay £900.
  • Additional support available for candidates needing to develop maths and English skills.
  • Catch-22, the lead accredited training provider, can locate/assess suitable new apprentices for firms.
  • Apprenticeship is also available for existing staff who want to upskill, as well as new employees. 

Further details in the Housing and Property Management Apprenticeship Leaflet 

If you are interested in taking an apprentice or up-skilling existing staff, please contact Marcus Hook, Sales and Development Director at Catch 22 (Government approved apprenticeship and skills provider) marcus.hook@catch-22.org.uk who will be able to assist you.