Associate Exam & Workshop

The IRPM Associate Exam is the second of the three exams involved in the full IRPM qualification and is open to current IRPM Affiliates who have passed the Foundation Exam only.

Upcoming dates for the IRPM Associate Exam:

  • Wednesday 4th March 2020 - London and Manchester - SOLD OUT

Upcoming dates for Associate Exam Preparatory Workshops:  

  • AUTUMN DATES: Dates for the second half of 2020's Associate Exams/Workshops will be released in the coming weeks. Please keep an eye out on this page for confirmation and booking form of these.

This is a one-day interactive workshop run by IRPM Trainers specifically for Affiliates intending to sit the Associate Examination. Students prepare for this workshop by studying and having a thorough knowledge of the contents of the IRPM Foundation Course and flagging any queries they may have which will be discussed in more detail at the workshop. A section is also devoted to ‘exam technique’ which should prove invaluable in overcoming the ‘fear factor’ and allow students to prove their knowledge without hindrance from exam nerves. Members of the Institute may also wish to participate by way of a ‘refresher course’.

IRPM Associate Exam workshop objectives:

The overall objective is to ensure that those sitting the exam are fully prepared and that there are no surprises.

At the end of the day attendees will:

  • Know what the exam paper looks like and its structure
  • Will know how to manage their time on the day
  • Will understand how the papers are marked
  • Will know what the examiner is looking for to award a pass and why papers are failed.
  • Be given ‘tips’ on how to prepare
  • Understand the level of learning required to pass.
  • Know what reading / resources are available that match the syllabus.
  • Be in a position to identify their gaps in knowledge in order to focus their learning in the time leading up to the exam.

Associate Exam

Course material

The Associate Exam course material is based on the content of the online learning course studied for the Foundation Exam and on work experience candidates are expected to have gained during at least one year in the sector. The first half of the exam will be based on the course and the second half on your experience. Please refer to the "Additional information" for a sample exam paper and the Resource Hub for the syllabus.

We consider the IRPM Associate Exam to be equivalent to a standard approaching NVQ Level 3.

The Associate Exam consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 - compulsory section - presents a number of different issues that might be faced by a residential property manager, each issue requiring a number of factual answers. A total of 10 marks may be awarded for each topic.
  • Part 2 - a choice of answering three questions from eight - candidates need to provide detailed answers on specialist areas covering service charge accounting, general property management, technical/building/surveying and affordable housing. Two questions will be available for each specialist area.

Additional information:

  • Associate Exam guidance is available in the Resource Hub which is located within the Members Area Click here to log in
  • The course syllabus and sample questions are available in the Members Area in the Resource Hub.
  • Pass mark for the Associate Exam is 60% 
  • The exam cost is £185 and the exam preparatory workshop cost is £195
  • Candidates need to achieve passes in both the IRPM's Foundation and Associate exams to be upgraded to IRPM Associate (AIRPM) membership
  • Candidates need to have fulfilled and recorded up to date IRPM CPD requirements before being given exam results or offered an upgrade to Associate (AIRPM) membership
  • The Associate exam is organised by the IRPM and provided twice a year at two venues - London and alternating between Birmingham and Manchester.
  • We offer a reduced rate for those who have failed the Associate exam who wish to re-take it. Please refer to the exam booking form.


We have developed Scottish examinations at all levels based on the management of heritable property in Scotland. Click here to view the Scotland exams page.