How do I apply to join the IRPM?

Please visit our Join the IRPM page here. New Affiliate applicants can join online and those who meet the Associate (AIRPM) or Member (MIRPM) criteria will need to fill in a hard copy application form and follow the instructions on the above link. 


What does it cost to be a member?

For up to date information please visit our Join the IRPM page.

What’s the benefit of being a member?

IRPM offers its members many benefits by qualifying them in an un-regulated sector. Successful completion of the exams demonstrates professional skills to an employer and can offer a clear career path for the future. Existing members say the IRPM have improved their employment opportunities and offers them a chance to network within the industry. The opportunity to enhance your Continuing Professional Development is prevalent (CPD). Access to the Members Area of the website offers a wide range of resources collated specifically for residential property managers. 

For more information please click on this link.

How do I become a Fellow?

This grade of membership is awarded by the IRPM Board of Directors. The Criteria for applying for an upgrade to Fellow is viewable here and you can download the application form if you want to proceed. 


Is xxxx xxxxx a member of the IRPM?

Please feel free to browse the Member Search function to aid your enquiry or alternatively contact the office on 020 3319 7575.

How many exams do IRPM have?

Please see our Exams Overview page.

When do I have to sit the exams?

We encourage members to sit the Foundation and Associate Exams within two years of joining the IRPM as an Affiliate member and you must have 1 years experience within the sector before sitting the Associate Exam. You must have 3 years experience to progress and sit the Member Exam. 

How can I find out more information on the Member Exam?

Member Exam information is available here. The IRPM has commissioned the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) to design and run this examination so for a booking form please visit The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) website.

When will I receive my exam results?

We know that nobody likes waiting for exam results so we aim to send them to you as quickly as possible. With the online Foundation Exam you will have your result on screen immediately after completing it.  The Associate Exam results will be emailed to you within six weeks of taking it. Member Exam results take somewhat longer and you should receive your result within ten weeks direct from the CIH.


Where can I find more information on the Scottish IRPM exams?

For information on the IRPM Scottish exams and courses please visit here.


Where can I find more information about Apprenticeships?

For information on the IRPM Apprenticeship Scheme please visit here.


Where can I find more information about the Build to Rent qualification?

For information on the IRPM Build to Rent qualification please visit here.

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password for the Members Area of the website!

Please either use the password reminder link, or call the office on 020 3319 7575. You’ll be asked some security questions before the reset password link is sent manually.

I would like to re-join IRPM again - how do I go about this?

Please visit our Join the IRPM page which details what the process is.


Can my company join the IRPM?

No. We do not offer corporate membership, we qualify the individual. If your company wishes to join a professional association, please contact ARMA (Association of Residential Managing Agents)  020 7978 2607  info@arma.org.uk

How do I make a complaint? What complaints can IRPM deal with? 

Please click on the link below for information regarding making complaints and the complaints procedure.

Please click here for our complaints procedure


Which complaints do IRPM deal with?

The IRPM Compliance Committee will investigate matters of professional conduct, communications, tone and discharge of duties, fraud, dishonesty or illegal activities.

The IRPM do not regulate landlords or managing agents. Landlord / tenant disputes or client / agent disputes should be addressed through the internal complaints procedures of the appropriate body i.e. landlord or their agents.

Many professional bodies, including; ARMA, PMAS, ARHM, RICS, NAEA & ARLA require their member (regulated) firms to have an internal complaints procedure and to be members of an independent redress scheme e.g. the Property Services Ombudsman scheme.

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