IRPM Logo & Designations

IRPM Logo & Designations

Use of IRPM Post Nominal (Designatory) Letters 

Associates (AIRPM), Members (MIRPM) and Fellows (FIRPM) of the IRPM are entitled to use the designations appropriate to their current membership level. Affiliates have no designation.

Members are granted permission to display, against their own name, a designation of IRPM membership according to their experience and qualification. It is an indication of their professional standing with the IRPM and shall not be used to obtain personal gain, nor to promote the products or services of their company or business. The designatory letters used by a member must never be used in conjunction with the member’s business other than against their individual name on any e-mails or printed material eg. business cards and letterhead.

A member shall not be entitled to exercise any of the rights or privileges of membership including the use of designatory letters until all monies due from him to the Institute upon becoming a member and each renewal have been paid in full.

A member who ceases to be a member for whatever reason including non-payment of monies due to the Institute, shall not hold himself out to be a member of the IRPM in any way including by the use of designatory letters. Any unauthorised use of designatory letters must cease immediately upon written notice from the CEO or Board of Directors of IRPM and the Institute may take such action, including legal proceedings, against a Member (or relevant Firm) as it deems to be necessary.


Use of IRPM Logo

Companies who have a Member (MIRPM) or Fellow (FIRPM) in senior management are able to apply for a licence (free of charge) to display a specially modified IRPM logo on company letterhead and advertising medium. 

Please click here to view the conditions and complete the agreement required for use of the Modified Members logo.